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Petsvago™ Natural Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs + Cats

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Suitable For Any Size

100% Natural Ingredients

Prevent Ticks, Mosquitoes And Fleas

8 months flea, tick and mosquito free

Color: green

Size: 38cm for cats 1pc

38cm for cats 1pc


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What ingredients are in the collar?

Our collar contains a synergistic blend of lemon eucalyptus and linaloe oil.

Does the collar need to be worn continuously?

Yes, the collar must be worn continuously for the full effect. The active ingredients must be distributed throughout your pet's fur.

Is the collar free of chemicals?

Yes, our collar contains exclusively natural ingredients that, unlike many chemical collars, do not cause side effects.

From what age can the collar be used?

Our collar is recommended for puppies and kitten from the eighth week.

Can the collar be taken off and put on again?

Yes, our collar can be removed and reattached as often as desired. However, it should be worn continuously for sufficient protection.

Are children allowed to touch the collar?

Yes, our collar is safe for children.


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(2,471 Reviews)